Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Off Day

Today was an off day (from athletics at least). I rode 187 from Sunday to Saturday last week. Between Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday of this week I did 150. I also did about a 3.5 mile run Monday. I needed an off day. Back at the commuting gig tomorrow. Friday may be another run. Weekend is up in the air. Next week will be easy-ish in prep for Palmer.

So in the rarely covered work topic here... do you work with that person who's the intimidator (thinks they can get things done just by intimidating people and throwing their weight around, a.k.a. the "don't you know who I am?" guy)? How about loophole guy... tries to find away around everything? I work with several of both, but one in particular IS both at the same time. He's a real treat. He visited me 2 minutes before I had to walk out for school today. Now the beauty is that I've only dealt with him twice so there's very little history to go on, I don't give an eff who he thinks he is, and I'm not easily intimidated. I know it drives him nuts to have to deal with me. I can only hope it drove him as nuts as he was making me. If I'm lucky, I'll get to drive him nuts again tomorrow.

Need sleep...

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gewilli said...

there are some distinct advantages innate with being a freak of nature