Thursday, July 19, 2007

The hand saga

So while a second medical opinion can be good, you sometimes run into the situation where they disagree and leave you in the middle. My ortho (yes I'm hurt enough to have one guy that I go to) had the initial reaction that my hand would be fine without surgery. I was skeptical based on the pictures so I asked to see a surgeon and also asked him to consult the other guys in his practice. The surgeon also thought it was ok, but scheduled a follow up for 10 days later and put me in a splint that he said I could take off to shower. The other guy from the ortho practice thought I definitely needed surgery. When I went back to the first ortho for my 1 week follow up, his initial reaction to the new xrays was that it was worse than he remembered. So if you're counting I'm up to 3 doctors and 4 opinions. Then I noticed yesterday morning that my little finger doesn't bend quite straight which is a sign that you need surgery. I called the first ortho to ask if he thought I should call the surgeon and he flipped when he found out I had been taking the splint off. Great, more disagreement. So today I talk to the surgeon's office and he says he should see it asap, but he's only available until like 2 today and not at all tomorrow. I was in Boston and on my way to Tewksbury when I found this out so asap is going to be Monday. The worry now is that it will have been 2 weeks of healing so if they do something now, they probably have to rebreak it to fix it. Argh. I'll be happy when this is cleared up.

More later... my 7 fingers are tired.

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