Monday, March 19, 2007


Ah, the joy of Monday morning. Being away last week and then being jet lagged, I think I had some excessive paranoia about getting up this morning so I was awake at 3:45, then at some point the middle one came in to inform us that he was going to the bathroom, then I was pretty much awake at 5 even though I lounged in bed for a while. Legs are pretty much cooked today from 4+ hours on the trainer between Friday night and yesterday. Climbing repeats during a 2 hour session Saturday and then a high cadence/increasing resistance workout yesterday didn't help. If all goes as planned, I'll ride in sometime later this week and then hit Wells Sunday. The bike is almost completely set up now... I'm just finishing up a light mount that I had to rig up because I couldn't get it to sit right on the bars. Pictures when it's finished.

Ok, Monday humor:

Snow cleanup actually sucked a little less than I expected Saturday. Got the oldest to help me shovel the neighbor's steps and our back steps so he got paid and he was thrilled. Of course his brother then wanted to be paid for dutifully kicking all the icicles off the cars... he was so cute about it we had to give in.

Anywho... I need to search for some productive energy. It wasn't at the bottom of my bowl of oatmeal so maybe it's hiding in the coffee...

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