Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh the horror...

Well I've reached the point of blog neglect that I am starting to get all sorts of crap from both of my readers :) I guess it's time to update everyone. I'm actually quite pleased to say that I am currently sitting outdoors in San Jose enjoying the very pleasant 75ish degree weather. While 55+ back in Bahstun is quite nice for March, 75 and palm trees still wins. I'm not a big fan of the left coast in general, but this is kinda nice. Speaking of this other coast, flying in here from Vegas on a nice clear day I realized that I do have to come back at some point with a bike to ride. Looks like some beautiful roads up through the hills and farm land.

So what's going on you ask... well... training is going sort of ok and I've at least reached the point where I have a race schedule that my wife has bought into. It's all subject to change, but at least it's a goal. I believe I'm heading to Forrest Park Sunday, then maybe Wells the next week, then definitely Tufts for a good ole whooping. This past weekend I went all in with the long ride kickoff for the season and put in 72 miles between the 2 days with 46 of it Sunday. Turns out that once we hit midseason, Wells is a very tolerable 23 or so miles from home so I could legitimately ride down there, suck some wheels in the B's and then ride home. We'll see if that plan ever gets put into use. Sadly I am losing the weekend momentum as I am bikeless out here in San Josey so it's just running for a couple days.

At home, the next phase of the never ending quest to turn our shack into less of a dump kicked off yesterday with Dad replacing the staircase to the basement and putting up the first couple walls. I sooooooooooooooooo wish I had the stones to quit my job and go into business with him so I didn't have to hire him to do work like this, but it will probably never happen so I just have to admire his hard work while I type away.

Ok, so I should probably catch up on emails some more even though everyone at work is long gone. This trip is panning out well and I'm getting to see some friends that I see rarely. Lunch with one today and dinner with some more tonight. Tomorrow it's a long day with more conference in the a.m. and then the long trek home starting around noon. Maybe if I get bored in the Vegas airport on the way back I'll copy KL and throw something up here. Till then...

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