Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mmmmm, food

Soggy and chilly ride in this morning. I guess more grungy than soggy. No rain falling but plenty of spray coming up. Temp was 38 and I had to stop 5 miles in for a second layer of gloves. Nice and toasty after that. New distance with the crappy road taken out is 28.6 and I made it in just a touch faster. Kept it in the fun ring for the last 12 miles or so so the speed was up some. Breakfast was a breakfast cookie and coffee before the ride and then a banana, oatmeal with walnuts added, a muffin, and coffee at work. Lunch so far is a meatball sub and fries (file under bad) and there's sure to be at least one snack later. Temps in the 60's for the ride home so should be fun. Need to decide how much to rest up before Tufts on Sunday. I'd like to make a better showing than last year, but you have to have a special kind of race to contend at that one. Debating skipping Thursday ride in, but we'll see how I feel tonight. It really gets down to business at Sturbridge so I could afford to train through this one. Back to work (and food)...

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