Friday, March 02, 2007


What a crappy day. Actually I shouldn't be bitching because there's been lots of sun lately and the last two days were beautiful (for Feb/March). The issue is that my office window faces almost directly south so I currently get a very nice view most days of the sun going left to right over the buildings down the street. I also get here early enough that I get to see most of the cycle. On a day like today, part of my brain thinks it never gets past 6:30 or 7 because the grayness across the way never goes away. Add to that it being Friday and you get me posting blog stuff in the middle of the morning instead of being productive. How about some humor to try and make things better:

Ok, I feel just a little better. Anywho... I suppose I'll do something. Riding is going to be screwed up this weekend because we're going "away" (to Hartford) for a show Saturday night. I'll probably be on the gerbil wheel at odd hours trying to get some time in.

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