Thursday, February 08, 2007


I guess this is more to keep up the weekly updates than anything. There isn't a hell of a lot going on right now. I did finally get the second bathroom signed off by the town so I now have almost as many bathrooms in the house as I do bedrooms. Considering there's 5 of us living there, that's either a good or a bad thing (or both). I still have work to do but at least the inspectors are gone. Should have the new tattoo by the end of the weekend unless something changes, but I have to go check out the studio tonight to be sure I'll go to that one. Of the other two places I've been, one is real far away and the other closed becaue the guy moved to Florida. I wish I could find the kid from there who did the last one because he was outstanding.

In biking land, I'm more or less behind on anything related to bike maintenance. The commuter bike stalled even though I have all the parts. I've had too many other things to do and it's too freaking cold in the garage to work out there so I'd have to haul it all into the house. The road bike squeaks and creaks right now, but if I turn up the TV loud enough, I can't hear it. The mountain bike probably needs a cleaning too, but the snow ride last weekend cleaned a lot of the caked on stuff off. I should probably lube everything at the very least just to avoid something going wrong. I'll put it on the list and see if I get to it.

Ok, I'm at work so I think that means I'm supposed to do something productive...

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