Monday, December 14, 2009

Season of Suck is Over

I pulled the plug weeks (months even) ago so attending the Ice Weasels race was purely about Colin and Thom being good guys and all the nonsense that ensues on Nationals weekend at non-Nationals races. Enter the ridiculous outfit displayed in Saturday's post. The schedule only allowed for me to take a beating in the 1/2/3 race so I figured I'd at least try to make Colin laugh so hard that he ate it on a snowy corner while he lapped me. Oh, and did I mention I had a playing card taped to my fork so I had motor noises? Appropriately, my highlights from the race were not so much about racing: 2 cupcake feeds, some girl at the top of the runup saying "Oh, here comes Speedo", Bauer stuffing a dollar bill in the back of my shorts... you know... the good stuff. I put in a token effort each time down the start straight and even bothered to pass a guy on the final lap along there. I had enough fun that it didn't feel like it was even close to an hour. Thanks to the IBC crew for putting this one on.

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