Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Father knows best?

I've been trying to coach my oldest a bit to improve his hitting for baseball. He's a good hitter at the level he's playing at, but he's just got too much going on in his swing for it to work against good pitching. He basically looks like Gary Sheffield at the plate right now. I've been trying to get him to quiet everything down and only make the motions he needs to. Every time I give him advice, I get the classic eye roll and associated "Dad you're a pain in the ass" look.

Last night at the baseball clinic one of the coaches was working with him on his swing while hitting off a tee. Afterwards I asked him if the coach told him anything helpful. He proceeded to demonstrate how the guy taught him to just slide his foot rather than pick it up and take a big step so that he stayed on balance and what to do with his head and shoulders to keep them on the ball. Sure sounded an awful lot like what I had been telling him... I guess coach isn't a pain in the ass. Then again coach isn't going to tell him to pick up his laundry and brush his teeth.

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