Saturday, April 25, 2009

Totally the right decision

Having 3 hours done before your race would have even started = good
Already being home when that 3 hours is over = better
Making it to the baseball field to see your son's game = best

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Scott Sweeney said...

Man, I'm jealous....I'm coaching both munchkin soccer for my 4 year old (every single Saturday morning) as well as farm softball for my 8 year old (usually 2 nights per week) added to the new job = very little realistic cycling time right now.

In a word: fuckingsucks.

I need to drag my fanny out of bed at 4 and get it goin' again. No other time (and really no other excuse)!

But I do agree....seeing the kiddos on the field having a blast (regardless of how good they may/may not be) is priceless.