Friday, April 24, 2009

Knowing your limits

When your a motivated and slightly neurotic type-A person, the hardest thing in the world to do is knowing when to say when. You go go go go go go go and everything goes well enough that it doesn't all fall apart, but the trick is to recognize that the next go could force it to do so. That happened tonight. I've truly hit the perfect storm of commitments right now and it dawned on me that going to Turtle Pond tomorrow would have been the last straw. After 9 years I really don't need to jeopardize the last 2 weeks of grad school and/or blow the first really big opportunity I've gotten at work. I also don't need to fall asleep and drive myself into a guardrail on the way home from Loudon. I'll hit the early Saturday morning beatdown ride instead. It'll be more miles, more fun, and I can ride there in 20 minutes... call it a belated earth day contribution. Even though I'm out $30 or whatever it was and I'm skipping what was supposed to be a target race, it's amazing how much better I feel. Have a good weekend all. Wear sunscreen... what's the current over-under on how many of your coworkers will have hideously painful looking sunburns on Monday? :)

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