Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I must be crazy

There... you happy now?


badbrad said...

yes. very pleased.

and it was a trick. Im actually not gonna race it! Suckkka!

just kidding. I cant decide on the 6 or 12. Prob gonna do the 6 too since im trying to save money.


gewilli said...

sumbum -i'd relish the chance to go head to head with the likes of folks in that 6 hour field...

darn b-day parties

trackrich said...

That's too bad... that would have been fun. My sights are set pretty low here... basically a 6 hour social ride and keep the stops to a minimum. The guy Greg who's registered is the one I went head to head with at KOB so that could be fun. He is better technically than me so we'll see what happens over 6 hours.

JSmith5780 said...

Rich- just wanted to wish you luck this coming week/end... being the sole parent for a few days!!

And might I add, you are truly awesome to let her get away for awhile!

Ok, back to the biking... YES, youa re crazy, but that's just me ;)

trackrich said...

Thanks Jennie... I think there's some correlation between all the bike race reports I post and her being on this trip, but I'm just guessing :)