Sunday, December 31, 2006

Not a great start to the day

So already this morning I have bailed on mountain biking that I had planned to do because it's a) cold and b) a little icy. I also just had to send the older two back to bed because they are incapable of playing anything together without it turning into an argument. It's both of their faults, but maybe 5 for fighting and a 10 minute misconduct will help them remember that they need to try not to piss each other off.

Oh well, coffee is almost ready so that will make me feel better :) Hopefully I can take my skirt off later today and get out for a run or something. Maybe I'll throw the lights on the SS and go out on that so I'm at least getting a bike ride in like I planned.

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Water-hound said...

Best x-mas present I got was actually after x-mas - a stove top camp style espresso maker. Makes a mean cup!

Thought you'd appreciate Eric's post from today-