Friday, December 08, 2006

Don't try this at home...

Yet another crazy early day today. Sadly I was up at 4:40 because I foolishly decided to finish of the chips and way-too-spicy salsa my wife got with dinner last night right before bed. Not a good idea. It's good to get here early though because I have to get the boys tonight so she can go to pre-class for her week-long winter class. The school offers a limited number of intensive courses that are 1 week long and you go 8 hours a day for that week. For most you meet ahead of time to get some prep work and then a few weeks after it's done you hand something in. Not a bad deal if you can spare the week and her work is letting her do it on work time. Sweet deal.

By the way, I do have to point out that I can't exactly recommend a couple dealing with 2 full-time jobs, 2 ongoing graduate degree programs, 3 kids under the age of 6, a house, a dog, a cat, 4 fish, 2 hermit crabs, and never ending home improvement projects. It leads to a severe lack of sleep and an ever growing list of things you never get to because they don't make the cut. Oh well... I'd probably be bored if there was any less to do... maybe.

Warwick, RI cross on Sunday and then Nats Friday and Sunday. Decided to take a half day and throw my hat in for the Masters U35 race. I'll be starting DFL so I just hope at least one guy has a mechanical and I don't finish there.

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Anonymous said...

Don't make the cut? Ah..that's right, you are anal enough to keep that list of projects on your fridge. :-)