Monday, October 19, 2009

Yah, I "raced"

After an early morning youth football game/mudfest yesterday, I had to fly down to the MRC cross race since I had promised to be there to help however I could. Foolishly, I put a bike in the truck figuring that I'd jump in a race if I got there in time. Wouldn't you know it I was just in time to jump in the Master's race. Summary: Start which reflected my level of preparation for the race, had fun dodging the flying mud balls, won a couple races within the race, needed just one more lap to catch the fast-fading Gewilli, but ran out of runway. He was saved by the fact that I spotted him almost literally a half lap while I was napping early on. Best race within the race win: Guy I've been battling with lets me by on the downhill in the field so he can tuck in on the long straight into the wind. I tuck way down and drill it, peek back at the log and I've got 5 seconds. How's that draft treating you now buddy? Anywho... I was filthy when I finished and kept it upright the whole way... t'was a good day.

Saturday my best bud got married. He's a little OCD and his head didn't explode... t'was also a good day. That'll about do it for now. More riveting commentary later.


solobreak said...

Do you get in Pop Warner psycho dad fistfights to warm up for your cyclocross rampage at the first barrier? That would be cool.

trackrich said...

I almost had to get myself in the newspaper after some kid on the other team hit my kid 3 yards out of bounds and drove him into the yard markers. I kept it together though... maybe this kinder gentler me is why I suck.

solobreak said...

That would be awesome. I love it when friends and relatives become famous criminals. My wife knew three different people who "starred" on America's Most Wanted!

Just make sure the coach or referee that you pummel is at least 15 years older and a foot shorter than you. The second part should be easy.

gewilli said...

that "fading" was in fact me starting to take more risks to stay with the guy just ahead of me, and then try and catch him.

you may have noticed an inordinate number of stakes laying on the ground. I'm pretty sure I took out about 8-10 or more maybe on the last two laps.

It was a bit slippery out there ya know... and those stakes actually clip on really well to the front fork. Kind of not easy to extract.

ie lots of time lost, so I wasn't fading as much as i was just driving like a moron.