Friday, October 23, 2009

Grand Master

Yes, I know, blatant ripoff of a post-style used by the one-geared-wonder, but whatever.

So on top of all the random crap I have listed over there -------------------------->, I've been known to play some cards. No, not like cleaning up on the WPT or anything. Actually it's mostly old-folks games like rummy and cribbage... Hey, I learned from my Gram... what's it to you? She'll gladly take your money if you want to challenge her. Anywho, every year we have a charity cribbage tournament at work. Buy in is $10 and all the money goes to charity. Winner gets nothing more than bragging rights and a big frickin target on them for next year. Well I'm proud to say I'm the new wearer of the target. That's right, I'm the cribbage grand master (like how I finally tied that back in?). At least I podiumed at something this fall...

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