Monday, February 02, 2009

Thoughts on Worlds

I have about 2 seconds to empty out a corner of my brain... I ponied up for the UCI subscription yesterday so I could watch the men's race after reading the coverage of the women on cxmag. As truly awesome as their interactive feed is, I nearly had a stroke waiting for the updates during the women's finale so I went with real time on the men... sort of anti-climactic after all. Stybar put up a hell of a fight and for a second I wondered if Nys could shock everyone, but Albert would have none of it. Never would have expected someone to ride away, but what do I know. Went back later and watched the women's race... smart clearly won out over strong... Hanka and Katie had her schooled on flat out power, but I guess they both got outsmarted. I couldn't believe how many times Katie fought back on just the final lap and did anyone catch how much ground she made up every time down the big descent? Girl can handle her bike. As a nice contrast I also went back later and watched the Roubaix men's race... there's some good crossin for ya... course nothing like the grass crit at Hoogerheide... looked wicked damn fun ya know... ok, now I'm sounding like G... time to go.

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