Monday, February 09, 2009

How I'm doing

Frantic, tired, a little chunky, holding it together... The beatdown continues but I'm hanging in there. Here's just some random recent tidbits:

- Training is going very well all things considered which really means that training is going well on the occassions that I get to do it. Quality is there, but volume is down. I think it's supposed to be the other way around this time of year...

- Because I continue to eat like Marlon Brando, the weight is up a couple few maybe 5 or 8 pounds. That should reverse itself once the volume goes back up, but I should probably watch it anyways.

- I finally figured out over the weekend that the SRAM OG cassette with its weird missing tooth thingy has very little tolerance for a stretched (not severely) chain. How I love thee smooth and quiet new Dura Ace chain.

- The good news is I've already blown through the first chain on the new Seven. The bad news is that SRAM 10 speed chains don't seem to be lasting as long as I'd expect. The worse news is that a lot of that wear was done on a trainer.

- I just finished a weekend of Daddy daycare since the wife had a work trip to Cozumel (yes, her work rules). It was the weekend of comedic B-movies. Meet Dave and Paul Blart, Mall Cop are actually pretty entertaining when you assume a 4 to 7 year old sense of humor along with your fellow viewers. Physical comedy and fart jokes never get old.

Ok, times up. Hope everyone is well.

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