Monday, October 13, 2008

Short stories

Because I'm trapped in MBA hell, here's the Clif Notes version:

- I still can't think for long about Saturday without flying into a rage. There was no way I was beating that guy who won, but I think I was on my way to the podium which I wanted bad.

- Sunday's result only sort of made up for it. Sure I'm pleased to get top 10 in any field at arguably the biggest race of the New England season, but I still think I can ride with a few of those guys who were ahead of me.

- I finally got to meet MIF. That was awesome.

- Sweeney is a rock star for offering me his bike while I was running even though he was having a good race. I think that's sort of illegal to get a bike from someone on the course, but the offer was unexpected and truly admirable.

- Nearly the ENTIRE blogosphere was there. Well, except a few losers. And yes sir, I'm just busting your nuts, but dude... just shoot the car and be done with it.

- I learned that if you enter a port-o-john next to Solo, you do so at your own risk.

- I learned that even at the base of the runup of death for the 4th time (maybe it was third) CTodd still has a sense of humor

- To the race staff guy who picked me out of the thousand people who were discretely walking around with adult beverages and decided to bust my nuts: Thank you for putting on an awesome race again, but dude, lighten up.

There's more thoughts in here, but they're being beaten down by the ones trying to be some sort of smart(ass) business guy.


badbrad said...

i enjoy throwing money at it.

I can't wait to sell it and buy another POS

Colin R said...

wow you got busted for your adult beverage?? jeez i was running around drinking for a good two hours without problem.

gewilli said...

yeah - me too, heck I had beverages open both days, no attempt to hide them... even wearing my MDOT suit, talk about being high visibility

trackrich said...

Yah... I was on my way over to the barriers to heckle people and I stopped off to buy a cupcake from Lynne. The guy nabbed me there and was giving me crap so I retreated back to the MRC camp on the other side of the road. I figured if anything I'd get crap for being in close proximity to the beer tent with a non-sponsor beer or something...

Scott Sweeney said...

I would have just grabbed your bike, threw it on my shoulder and jogged to the pit...hoping that no one would ask me the obvious question of how the hell I could ride a bike that's 10 sizes too big.