Saturday, October 18, 2008


A series of other commitments have me not participating in some of the better cross races of the season this weekend so what is one to do to fill the time and avoid sitting on the couch with a bag of chips (I'm quite partial to cheddar and sour cream)? Well one reverts to their other favorite sport - cross country running. Really it's the same as cyclocross, just without a crank arm banging into your back while you run. Today was my alumni XC race. It was so nice to see a huge crowd there even if most of my teammates from way back when bailed. We did have a guest appearance from one of the ladies from around my year who I believe (and don't call out the fact police on me for this) may hold the US record for fastest debut marathon by a woman (2:32). It was fun despite no running training. I still pulled off a 17:39 for 3.05 miles (I'm sure a 100% accurately measured distance). That's roughly 5:47's. It's too bad running hurts so much when you do it every day... turns out I'm still not too bad at it and it's still fun.

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