Thursday, August 07, 2008

Apology to 24 HOGG riders

To all 24 Hours of Great Glen Riders,

In advance of the aniticipated weather and course conditions at this years race, I would like to apologize for inflicting this punishment on you. You see I have a long and storied history of epic race conditions. My palmares in this arena range from multiple editions of RTB in a hurricane, to some of the worst conditions ever for the Mt. Washington hillclimb. The reason I own a 10x10 canopy was the acceptance of the fact that the epic conditions follow me, particularly when I plan on event well in advance. Keep your chins up... maybe I'll let you cut me in line at the bike wash as retribution.

The guy who wishes he practiced more at a nice indoor sport like basketball


Scott Sweeney said...

You could have mentioned this b4 we all signed up together???? Just think, it's essentially going to be a 'cross race, so we'll get some muddin' in a bit early!!!

badbrad said...

thanks rich.