Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taking the suck show on the road

Yesterday I was in Vermont to race. I signed up for both the 1/2/3 Masters and the 3' figuring if I was going to drive 7 hours round trip I'd make it worthwhile. In the masters I didn't technically get lapped because I was never passed, but I did get whistled off with 1 to go because they didn't want to wait around for me and the leaders were only about 20-30 seconds back. Pretty lame that that counts as lapped. I made sure I'd suck real bad by going down on a pile of sharp rocks on a hard left-hander at the bottom of a high-speed hill. I now have a hole in my hip. I lined up for the 3's immediately after the masters debacle. I'll sum it up by saying I took the gentelman's DNF by riding into the pits with 2 to go and getting out of the way of the guys who hadn't lost the desire to race.

Right now, I am simply just not good.


Colin R said...

dude, the back-to-back double? seriously??

sure fire way to hurt your confidence and pointlessly increase recovery time... imo.

trackrich said...

If the first race had been a smashing success and I had blown sky high after the first half lap of the second race, I'd agree. In fact I'm not questioning why I was moving in reverse after 2 laps of the second race. It's the abysmal performance in race 1 that has me worried...