Monday, March 09, 2009

Colin save me

When your evening involves the computer command CHKDSK C: /R there's a good chance you're having a bad day. If you're computer illiterate, just trust me... it's all kinds of bad.

Reuter, I pay in whatever malted currency you prefer...


Colin R said...

It's a rare day my RSS reader calls me out by name.

What's wrong with it? Email me.

trackrich said...

The good news ending to this story is that whatever firmware (or does this count as software) geek that wrote the chkdsk utility is a genius. Running that with the repair option recovered enough from the bad sector to repair it. I was blue-screening with some sort of boot sector error every time I powered up and this was after simply doing a reboot from normal operation. I went through a few rounds of gyrations before I found the magic command, but all is well(ish) now. Backups will ensue today... thanks.