Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well I've been slacking off here so much that even Mrs. Tall Freak was commenting that I'm slacking off. Next up can only be scorn and a public call for content by Gewilli so I figured I'd do an update. So what's to update... um, nuthin good. A distinct sense of chaos setting in as I begin the latest school semester. In an effort to get this foolish degree out of the way, I'm doubling up this spring and next spring with one class each in the summer (road/mtb season) and the fall (cross season). It seems like a flawless plan... I come to the party late since I'm working my arse off for the spring but then I'm in stellar shape for CX and I ride home with the sandbagger laden double play at Glawstah... here's hoping at least :)

Training is going ok in the sense that I've been active more days than I have not. It is winter after all and I did just stop racing 2 weeks ago even though I basically didn't train at all after Nats. Other than focusing on not letting the biking legs forget and building strength, I have no plan or goal for at least another week or two. By then I'll know better if I even have any time to focus on training until April. There's always commuting come March. I am currently limited to my cross bike which has been partially converted to a commuter and my MTB which is fun to tool around on but the snow hasn't cooperated with winter rides so far. My road bike is tied up with getting that elusive 180mm crank set which would have been done if not for some expected oversight. You can only remind people so many times to make sure it's an Italian bottom bracket and the guy placing the order can only note that so many times. At some point though someone in the ordering center must have switched to decaf and the BB predictably came through as English (or is it standard... hell, non-Italian). Ah well, the roads suck anyways so the CX bike with 28mm tires or whatever they are is better right now anyways.

OK, that's enough pointless rambling for the sake of rambling. Maybe I'll do something interesting in the next few days that's worth sharing.

Go Pats!

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